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Contact Toronto 2016-2017
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Contact Toronto 2016-2017: Smart Leads. Data You Can Trust.
Continues: Contact Toronto: Directory of top employers and executives in the Toronto region;
Contact Toronto: An annual who’s who of top decision makers in the Toronto region;
Toronto Region Top Employers Guide; Guide to the Toronto Region’s Top Employers
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1. Business enterprises – Ontario – Toronto – Directories.
2. Toronto (Ont.) – Industries – Directories. I. Board of Trade of
Metropolitan Toronto. II Toronto Board of Trade.
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1) Contact Toronto 2016-2017 includes the latest data available at the time of completion (Fall 2016).
We have compiled the data to the best of our ability and do not accept responsibility for any omissions or errors.
We would appreciate any omissions or inaccuracies be reported by e-mail to
2) There is no fee for inclusion in Contact Toronto 2016-2017 and inclusion does not imply endorsement.
3) If you would like to add your company to Contact Toronto, send an e-mail to
For more information, please call 416.862.4515 or visit
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