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2015 / 2016
Part 1 – Employer Profiles
Arranged alphabetically (letter-by-letter), each employer
profile contains a full description of the organization, including
head/regional office location, telephone/fax, website, line
of business, North American Industry Classification code,
employee range and number of locations in the Toronto
region, president/key personnel and parent/ownership
company information.
Refers to the proper name of the organization.
For related names, see the Affiliated Name Index.
Head/Regional Office Address:
Refers to the organization’s
head office or the Toronto regional/executive office if the
head office is not within the Toronto region.
A general description of the organization’s line
of business.
North American Industry Classification System (NAICS):
Codes that are used to define the type(s) of business in which
the organization is engaged. The employer profile contains
numeric NAICS codes. Part 3 includes a NAICS summary
table, keyword index and main index that provides activity
descriptions for the numeric codes.
Employee Size Range (#Emp):
Includes the total number
of full-time and part-time employees in the Toronto Region.
Includes employees on short-term/long term disability
and on leave of absence; also includes full-time contract
employees. Excludes employees of subsidiaries, parent
and sister companies.
Refers to the ownership of the organization listed.
Includes public and private companies, partnerships,
government, municipal, provincial, and federal crown
corporations, not-for-profits, associations and religious
Key Personnel (Key):
This section contains the full name and
title for the president or person responsible for Toronto-based
operations. Also listed, when available, are those persons
responsible for the following areas: chief executive officer,
operations, human resources, finance, purchasing, information
technology, sales, marketing and communications.
Part 2 – Affiliated Names Index
This section unravels the corporate infrastructure of Toronto
by directing readers from names commonly affiliated with an
organization, such as acronyms and other AKAs, to the proper
name under which all the employer information is listed.
Part 3 – North American Industry Classification System
(NAICS) Index
This section provides quick access to employers by industry
using North American Industry Classification System codes.
The NAICS numbering system is comprised of a 6-digit code:
the first two digits represent the sector, the third the sub-
sector, the fourth the industry group, the fifth the industry,
and the sixth designates national industries.
A summary table and keyword index is provided at the
beginning of this section for readers not familiar with this
classification scheme.
Part 4 – Postal Code Index
This section lists organizations by six-character Postal Codes.
In most instances, postal codes outside of the L and M postal
district represent major Toronto employers whose head office
is not located in the Toronto area and who do not have a
Toronto regional office.
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