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A dynamic electronic sales tool with key contact
information for over
4,700 of the largest companies
and 17,600 executive decision makers
from across the
Toronto region.
Content: Spans organizations with 50 employees
or more
Format: Easy to navigate Excel spreadsheet
that allows you to import directly into your
CRM system
A verified, quality source of business
intelligence that has been used for more
than 20 years.
For more information and to order the above products,
please visit bot.com/productsales, email
or call 416.862.4515
2015-2016 Sales and HR Products Available For
Purchase To Help Solve Your Business Problems
The Big Bench is your source for accurate
compensation, benefits & employment practices data.
HR planning and decision making is made easy with a
unique online reporting tool.
Content: 6 Benchmarks:
• Executive, Management
• Professional, Supervisory
& Sales
• Information Technology
• Administrative &
• Benefits & Employment
Format: Available in digital and print.
New online reporting tool allows custom
data pulls for a personalized experience.
Compensation Report Partner:
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